Transport connections

Location in the Heart of Central Germany. Click to enlarge!

Nobitz Industrial Park - At the Airport sits in the heart of Central Germany and already enjoys good transport connection:


  • German national motorway:
20,0 km
15,0 km
  • German national main roads:
7,0 km
1,5 km
6,0 km
7,0 km

  • Air:

Leipzig-Altenburg Airport adjacent
Halle/Leipzig International Airport only 60 km away

  • Rail:
Connection to the Deutsche Bahn railway network at Altenburg station, which provides direct connections to Leipzig, Zwickau, Zeitz.

Links from the district hub of Altenburg, only four kilometers away, to the center of Leipzig, the Leipzig Trade Fair and Leipzig/Halle Airport will become even more efficient thanks to the Central German Suburban Rail Network, which is slated to open in 2013. Nobitz Industrial Park - At the Airport already enjoys good transport connections and all the advantages of proximity to several major urban centers:


  • Altenburg (main city in the district) (pop. 35,000):
ca. 4 km
  • Zwickau (pop. 94,000):
ca. 40 km
  • Leipzig (pop. 523,000):
ca. 47 km
  • Chemnitz (pop. 243,000):
ca. 55 km
  • Jena (pop. 105,000):
ca. 75 km
  • Halle (pop. 233,000):
ca. 110 km
  • Erfurt (pop. 205,000):
ca. 115 km
  • Dresden (pop. 523,000):
ca. 119 km